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December 1, 2022: For the next two months, between 01 December 2022 and 31 January 2023, I intend to donate the entirety of my author proceeds from Landslide book sales to a charity helping the innocent civilians affected by the war in Ukraine. The charity is the International Rescue Committee (IRC), which is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to the millions of innocent civilians who have been displaced by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War. And now, given the harsh winter that is approaching and that there is no sign of the conflict ending, the need could not be greater.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose the IRC and why I chose to do this now. Well, if you’ve already read Landslide, you know that the latter half of the book is set in eastern Ukraine in the middle of the conflict. I wrote Landslide well before the Russian Federation invaded, yet by chance the backdrop of my fictionalized story tracks all too closely with real-world events. Thus, I feel compelled to try and help some of those who are suffering. Like some of you, I have seen and experienced war up close—my heart goes out to the men, women, and children who have to live day-to-day with this war on their doorstep.

This is also the season of giving, and if any of you are perhaps wondering how you might contribute to those less fortunate, please consider this cause. As I stated above, I will dedicate all of my author proceeds from book sales that occur between 01 December 2022 and 31 January 2023. If you haven’t read or picked up a copy of Landslide or you are considering giving it as a gift during the holidays, now is a good time.

But, if you don’t want to buy a copy of Landslide yet feel inspired to help in other ways, please consider making a direct donation to the IRC-Ukraine. Any amount will help.

Thank you for listening.

November 9, 2022: Author signing at the Barnes & Noble in Burlington, MA.

November 7, 2022: Author reading and signing at the Toadstool Bookshop in Nashua, NH. Signed copies are still available!

November 5, 2022: Was an attending author at the Men of Mystery conference in Long Beach, CA, alongside many other amazing writers included Connor Sullivan, Paddy Hirsch, Matt Cole, and Stephen Mack Jones, to name a few.

October 30, 2022: Weekend with Locals at Warwick’s in La Jolla, CA. Come get a signed copy of Landslide as well as visit the country’s oldest family-owned and operated bookstore.

October 15, 2022: LAUNCH PARTY at the Mystery Ink Bookstore in Huntington Beach, CA. Please come to hear a reading, get a signed copy of Landslide, and eat some cake.

September 20, 2022: Landslide launched! You can get a copy at your favorite local bookstore or online retailer. I hope you enjoy it!

September 1, 2022: Hosted by the SoCal chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, on 25 September 2022 I’ll be giving a talk in Los Angeles about how the CIA is portrayed in books and on the screen. If you’re a MWA member, I hope you can attend!

July 1, 2022: I launched the first issue of my newsletter, The Black Cache, where I will discuss all manner of books and writing, as well as spies, covert action, paramilitary operations, foreign intelligence, counterintelligence, and a host of other topics related to the dark arts. If you missed it, you can sign up on my homepage.

April 5, 2022: I will be attending ThrillerFest XVII in New York City, 1 – 4 June 2022, and serving on the panel “STORY STRUCTURE, LINE EDITS OR TWEAKS: Making Your Writing Shine” on Saturday, June 4th, from 10:30 AM to 11:20 AM.

February 26, 2022: Chicago Review Press announced it will issue Open Skies: My Life as Afghanistan’s First Female Pilot in a paperback edition in November 2022.

July 23, 2021: Now available, CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s interview with Niloofar Rahmani, discussing the book Open Skies: My Life as Afghanistan’s First Female Pilot and the situation in Afghanistan in light of the pending withdrawal of US forces.

July 6, 2021: Open Skies: My Life as Afghanistan’s First Female Pilot launched on July 6, 2021! It’s now available through all major retailers and independent bookstores.

June 22, 2021: I recently signed a book deal with Oceanview Publishing for my new international thriller, Landslide, set for release in September 2022. The story rockets across Europe onto the simmering battlefields of Ukraine as Mason Hackett descends into an underworld of killers, spies, and corrupt corporations while searching for someone who should be dead. Stay tuned …