Professor William Dresden has found solitude in the south of France to grapple with his troubled past—a neglected upbringing, failed romances, the recent thrashing of his life’s work in academia, and a witness to genocide, along with other secrets. But when an adrift MI6 officer, Adeline Parker, calls and insists on a meeting, she reveals shocking information about his family—then a bomb explodes.

William and Adeline narrowly escape the attempt on their lives and find themselves battling a group of neo-fascist and extreme nationalists who are inciting violent divisions across Europe. They are pulled into a shadowy war against a cabal called the Strasbourg Executive and pushed to the brink by family betrayals, corrupt institutions, friends who are enemies, and the Executive’s subversive plots against the fabric of Western society.

To survive, William must become the kind of person he despises, but even that might not be enough.


Praise for The Underhanded

“The latest by Adam Sikes, The Underhanded, is a ripped-from-the-headlines thriller that left me awed and at the edge of my seat. It’s a suspenseful mix of historical intrigue and present-day repercussions. It reminded me of the spy craft and nerve-rattling storytelling of Ken Follett and John le Carré. A must-read for all thriller fans . . . don’t miss it!”
—James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author of Tides of Fire
“I couldn’t put down this ripped-from-the-headlines novel from a writer who gets all the details right–in The Underhanded, Adam Sikes joins the ranks of the best names in espionage and political thrillers. As his intelligent and complex hero grapples with his past and a threat posed by a secret neo-fascist cabal, you will be rooting for him all the way to the last page.”
—Deborah Crombie, New York Times best-selling author of A Killing of Innocents
“Fast-paced and engaging, The Underhanded grabs you from page one and doesn’t let go! Great storytelling that weaves together rogue spies, ancient secrets, and clever tradecraft—Adam Sikes is destined for great things!”
—Ward Larsen, USA Today best-selling author of Assassin’s Mark
The Underhanded is the perfect book for those who love a good conspiracy that’s rooted in historical context and aligns with current events. It goes deep down the rabbit hole of secret cabals influencing events and sacrificing innocent people to further their cause. It also includes family drama that goes well beyond what most people can imagine, deplorable villains who do despicable things and a likeable protagonist whose evolution and development is a sight to behold. And then lastly, it’s filled with pulse-pounding action and gasp-out-loud twists. Everything a discerning thriller fan could want, packaged within an intriguing novel that’s well written with good pacing and entertains while it makes you think about the state of the world and who’s really pulling the strings.”
—Steve Netter, Best Thriller Books